Happy new month Fam

Yaay!! This month is my birthday month. So,count down to my birthday….June 12…

Apart from the fact that my birthday is in June,I love the month….In my mind,it seems like a fairytale neutral month filled with Fun and sunshine.. (I just freestyled )
I would really love to give birth to my kids in this month…Lol,silly me

So,today I am going to rant…yes oo I wanna pour out my mind …..
There are some pre wedding pics of a plus-size lady and her well built Fiance currently trending on most social media platforms. Yesterday when I initially saw the picture, I was ecstatic with joy….and eager to see people’s reaction. Read More



Hey guys
So I should have posted this on Wednesday but laziness overcame me…

SO on Wednesday  I told my mum that I am considering being an Olosho/Runs-babe, this was after I ranted to her about my lack of job due to this NYSC postponement ish(they could call us up anytime). No one would employ talk less of pay an unstable staff.

I told her that,as for me, my own would be clean and discreet. As in I would do the ones bank babes or working class babes do. I would be professional and smooth lol

My mum already use to my type of nonsense  and wild talks, immediately jokingly backed me up. She was like

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Goodday blog fam…


Hmmm,I know you would query members for this post. I should have posted it on Monday,right. Well I am so sorry. Pardon me guys. I am still trying to get myself together(I have a lot of things going on at the moment ).

So,today am going to teach you guys how to flat twist. Yesterday was my wash day. I re-plaited my hair (I put a wig on it), but this time braided it into an hairstyle called “flat-twist”. It is easy and quick to make. Read More

Mr Posh and Tush


Blog fam(esp ladies)
Some Men have started hustling the “ART of PACKAGING” with us ladies ooo. This men are even better and masters than we gan.
This men are the people  Toke makinwa tag as “Mr WASHington aka Mr wash”.

Yesterday I encountered one. Let me even gist una…So,I needed to go print my call up letter and was looking  for a napep to take me to the cyber cafe. Read More

How to treat Scalp scabs

Goodday blog fam


*sigh* it is Monday again…back to your every day routine….Don’t  worry, another weekend is around the corner *wink*
Last week a friend chatted me up on some natural hair matters. Being a newbie she was full of inquires, but one question she asked me that I would love to address in this post is the question concerning the treatment she could used for a  scalp scab .

First and foremost, A  scalp scab  is the injury,raised bumps or wounds usually caused by scratching your head, tight braids, pulling dreadlocks or any form of trauma that can cause the skin on your scalp to break. As it heals, after bleeding, small crusts form. These are called scabs. Read More

Annoying Things The Female Gender Do In a Relationship


Hey guys
interesting topic right?

Lol,every guy that as ever been in  a relationship knows that we the female gender can be a handful.

As in we get wahala gan oo.
No wonder God’s only instruction to men is “LOVE your wife”.

The truth is that most of us act out of total ignorance of the evil of our behaviour, but ladiessss it is time for “change”(in buhari’s voice).

I am also guilty of this ooo,so calm down before going berserk on me.

So, here we go..

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From kinky to straight


Welcome to a new week blog fam…
How as your natural hair journey been going.. Any one who says keeping natural hair is all fun and no pain is lying mehn…

Some weeks back I learnt the hard way the reason why naturals should always take care of their hair.  I am specifically referring to the routine of  moisturising day and night, twisting or braiding for bed and wearing a satin bonnet.  Read More

The Favoured One

Today,while scrolling through my instagram feed,I came across a photo shoot done by a popular nigerian photographer and musician Ty bello.


The interesting thing about this shoot was the fact that it featured a 27yrs old woman of two who is a bread seller but suddenly came to limelight because of an accidental street photo shoot… Read More